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Meet Your All-In-One Compliance Solution

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Streamline compliance, with the only all-in-one offering on the market:

→ Expert designed programs spanning Security & Risk and Privacy frameworks

→ Hands-on audit management

→ Integrated audit execution

→ High quality audit reports

→ Continuously monitored compliance

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Laika was massive in helping us understand the ‘why’ behind so many of the technical and non technical pieces of security controls that we didn’t have much context over. I also can’t speak highly enough about the quality of service and the incredible attention to detail that came from our team of Laika experts.

Gerard Keenan Chief Operating Officer at ParkOffice

Expert-guided compliance programs.Security built for growth.

A modern approach to compliance that leaves no gaps

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Expertly Designed Compliance

Compliance requires more than just checking a box. Receive a customized program with Laika

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Fully Integrated Audit

Laika offers the only integrated audit experience. Reduce audit timing by 60%.

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Continuous Monitoring That Scales

Maintaining compliance is easy with Laika’s powerful monitoring capabilities. 

Laika-Soc 2 Guide
Laika's Guide


We created this detailed guide specifically for growth-minded founders looking to become SOC 2 compliant for the first time (or for those trying again). This resource provides guidance on how to navigate the complex field of SOC 2 compliance from start to finish.

Download the SOC 2 Guide