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Laika ONE.
Compliance DONE.

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Laika simplifies and streamlines SOC 2 compliance.

Where other solutions leave you with hidden costs and extra work, Laika ONE simplifies and streamlines. With Laika – the only complete compliance solution – getting and staying SOC 2 compliant has never been easier.

Prescriptive workflows, advanced automations, integrated auditing, bundled penetration testing and expert services come together in a single place to cut complexity, not corners.

ONE solution, ONE partner, ONE path to SOC 2 success.  

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Quick View Summary

The Laika ONE difference

With Laika, you'll assign and complete compliance tasks, integrate business applications for automated data collection, kick off and monitor progress for audits and penetration tests, and receive expert advice along the way -- all from a single place. That's the Laika ONE difference. 

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Reduced Vendor Complexity

The journey to getting and staying SOC 2 compliant requires control and program design, a penetration test, an annual audit, and much more. Laika ONE removes the burden of managing multiple contractors and vendors by bringing everything you need together in one place.

Partnership that Lightens the Load

We’ll be there with you for the long-haul whether that’s preparing and representing you through your SOC 2 audit, proactively identifying program design changes based on business growth, or helping you expand to additional frameworks when the time is right.

Comprehensive & Flexible Pricing

Get exactly what you need with transparent and flexible packages that include software, services and support, audit, penetration testing and more.


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